Surface-saving built in coffee machine for tiny kitchens

Chris Davies - May 22, 2007

Built-in coffee machines for luxury kitchens are nothing new, but this is the first time I’ve seen a drip-percolator used rather than the typical bean-to-cup espresso machine.  Made by Lance Larkin, it’s not just inset into the tiling but hooks up to your cold water supply, so the only thing you have to add is ground coffee.


 Lance Larkin Brew Express

A 12-cup thermal carafe, programmable timer and adjustable cup strength round out the coffee features, while if fresh caffeine wasn’t reward enough for installing it you also get two more power outlets to plug in other kitchen gadgets.

At $400 it might not sound cheap, but it’s certainly budget if you’ve been considering a full in-built espresso machine from someone like Miele.

Brew Express [via Appliancist]

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