Surface Pro 3 update fixes power problem just in time

Chris Davies - Jun 19, 2014
Surface Pro 3 update fixes power problem just in time

New Surface Pro 3 owners receiving their Windows 8.1 tablets tomorrow will get more than just a Microsoft slate in the box, with the company releasing a firmware update in tandem. The tweaked software will address certain power issues related to using the accessories, Microsoft says; however, it’s not the first update the Surface Pro 3 has seen.

For instance, some found that the tablet would refuse to return from sleep mode after a period of inactivity, and that even holding down the power button for a full power-cycle wasn’t enough to address it.

Microsoft had acknowledged the bug and promised a fix before units reached the buying public. When owners first turn the tablet on, there’ll be a firmware upgrade available through Windows Update that applies it.

Surface Pro 3 pen

Meanwhile, Microsoft also added the double-click screenshot function – which allows the Surface Pen button to be used to wireless trigger a screen-grab – in its June 10 Windows Update. That works with OneNote to bring the screenshot straight into the digital notebook, where it can be annotated.

There’s more on the Surface Pro 3 in our full review.

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