Surface Pro 3 battery issue to receive software fix, confirms Microsoft

For more than a few weeks now, Surface Pro 3 tablet owners have been suffering from a rapidly draining battery issue. Back in July, Microsoft told users that this was not a failure on the hardware's part, and that they should continue updating to the latest software version. Now the company has reiterated this message, saying that it has confirmed the battery problem can be fixed with a software patch which is currently in testing, and that users don't need to pursue hardware replacements.

This comes as good news for Surface Pro 3 owners who have been waiting for a month now for an update on the issue after Microsoft said it was caused by software, but offered no details on when a fix might be available. However it's also frustrating for users who've already paid the steep $450 replacement fee prior to learning that the hardware wasn't at fault, or simply needed to be able to use their device for longer than the depleted battery would allow.

"We can now confirm that this Surface Pro 3 battery capacity question is not a hardware issue, but one that can be addressed with a software update. Our team has been working on and is now testing, an update that will address this. We'll publish the update as soon as it has passed our quality assurance process. For now, you should not consider replacing your device as an update is pending."

There's no word on if Microsoft will be offering compensation to those who've already paid for replacements, but for the owners' sake, hopefully the software patch will be released soon.

SOURCE Microsoft