Surface Go 2 is a little bit more repairable says iFixit

JC Torres - May 17, 2020, 8:51 pm CDT
Surface Go 2 is a little bit more repairable says iFixit

Depending on who you ask, the latest iteration of the Surface Go might be a disappointment or a perfect upgrade. The base model, while retaining the affordable price tag, remains underwhelming while the configuration you’ll probably want is slightly beyond reach and retains enough bezels to make it still look outdated. For iFixit, though, the Surface Go 2 is a rather significant and totally surprising improvement, making it slightly easier to repair even if it still remains low in the grand scheme of things.

The first Surface Go earned one of iFixit’s lowest scores of one, though fortunately not zero. It was extremely hard to get started and many parts were either non-modular or easily damaged when replace. In other words, the Surface Go was pretty much a throwaway $400 tablet once it was broken.

That’s why iFixit was surprised to discover that the Surface Go 2’s screen was easily removed with just a little heat and some prying. That makes screen repairs, the most common repair for these devices, easier and potentially cheaper. The black shields that covered sensitive electronics were also more rigid and didn’t bend or break so easily, increasing their chances of reuse.

It’s not all good yet, though. A lot of parts are still soldered on, including the USB-C and Surface Connector ports. The battery is still solidly glued down, making replacement next to impossible, at least for third-party repairs.

Compared to the Surface Go’s score of 1, the Surface Go 2 at least goes up to 3 on iFixit’s scale. In addition to having many parts being soldered to the board, the Surface Go 2 also misses out on expandable or replaceable internal storage. Then again, few tablets offer that anyway so the Surface Go 2 is in good but unfortunate company.

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