Surface Duo will be available for viewing at Best Buy

Microsoft's dual-screen phone is arguably one of the more interesting pieces of tech to come this year but there are also many reservations about a phone that no one has seen yet outside of press releases. It would definitely help if Microsoft could show that the Surface Duo is truly ready for action and worthy of the price it's asking for. If you're one of the lucky few to live near a Best Buy store, you might actually get that chance now that Surface Duo displays are available in some but not all of these outlets.

Truth be told, Microsoft is really asking for a lot, and it isn't just the $1,400 price tag we're talking about. Aside from carefully staged demonstrations, a few leaks here and there, and some dummy or review units sent to a chosen few, almost no one has seen this innovative device for themselves. And Microsoft already started pre-orders more than a week ago, perhaps banking on curious people's and loyal fans' blind faith.

Microsoft, of course, will be putting up Surface Duo displays but it has always been a question of where and when. Apparently, Best Buy will put up displays for the device starting August 28, on the same day AT&T will start flaunting the dual-screen phone. Why Microsoft didn't publicize that important detail that would have helped drive up interest is anyone's guess.

Not all Best Buy stores have one up for show, though, and there's no way of knowing whether your nearest branch has one without calling ahead. Given current health conditions, people should probably take caution when touching something that is out for everyone to see and touch as well. For those truly interested in pre-ordering one, however, it could be worth the trip.

The Microsoft Surface Duo will fully launch on September 10 and it is expected to be as divisive as it is already now. Despite productivity uses, the seam right in the middle could still prove to be a controversial element. More debatable, however, are the 2019 specs that Microsoft is placing a 2020 premium price tag on. It will definitely fall down to the user experience, of which we still know little about aside from a few choice apps.