Surface Duo teased with Surface Pen support

We're nearing the middle of July and there is still no solid word about Microsoft's plans for a Surface Duo launch. In fact, there have been rumors that it may be delayed even further, making the dual-screen phone's specs even less acceptable. Some might still be completely fine with 2018 hardware in late 2020 or early 2021 if Microsoft will be able to deliver the revolutionary experience it promised. And, of course, it isn't missing out on the opportunity to not-so-subtly advertise what could make the device great, regardless of the age of its specs.

I am currently using 2018 flagship and, at least as far as performance goes, there really isn't a compelling reason to consider it unusable to the point of being obsolete. Of course, when you're launching what you claim to be the future of mobile productivity, people will expect you to throw in every futuristic component possible.

That may not be the Surface Duo, at least going by recent leaks, but it may not even be the final product that Microsoft is envisioning. It is, to some extent, a prototype to test the market waters, not unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It seems that Microsoft may be more intent on launching the user experience rather than the device, something that is admittedly trickier to get right given this unusual form factor.

Microsoft execs have, of course, been teasing that experience and the latest has a tidbit never seen before. Communications Lead Frank Shaw teased some kitchen project and took the opportunity to give the Surface Duo a cameo, complete with the unmistakable flat Surface Pro X pen. It is already expected that the Surface Duo would work with a Surface Pen but this is the first public proof that it is indeed a thing.

That feature could definitely help sell the Surface Duo to users looking for a new way to use their smartphones. It will probably be a bit forgivable if Microsoft does delay the Surface Duo for a month or two but it will definitely be pushing its luck the longer it takes.