Surface Duo passes by the FCC hinting at imminent launch

That Microsoft will launch the Surface Duo this year is, at least as far as we know, still on the table. Given recent rumors, however, the question has become more of a "when" than an "if". Initially believed to be launching this month, there have been a few disappointing words that the dual-screen foldable would be delayed, which only increases the risk of pushing it back further and further until 2021 is gone and done. Fortunately, that might not be the case if the Surface Duo has indeed just landed at the FCC, signaling that the time draws nigh.

To be clear, there is no telltale clue that suggests the device that Droid Life spotted at the FCC is really the Surface Duo. Unlike its equivalents in China, Taiwan, and others, the FCC is quite adept at keeping things mostly under wraps. The only certain indicator is the FCC labeled Microsoft's device as a phablet rather than a computer or laptop.

And then there's the remark about the device's four configurations: folded and closed, open 90 degrees, flat 180 degrees, and folded and open. These are pretty much the four "forms" of the Surface Duo: closed like a book, open like a laptop, flat like a screen, and folded back like a phone. Since the FCC is one of the last stops for any phone or computer launching in the market, it's unlikely it's some secret prototype we haven't seen before.

Unfortunately, there aren't any other clues about the device's nature so we'll just have to give it the benefit of the doubt. If it is indeed the case, we might just be weeks away from the Surface Duo's official and grand debut, though it's unlikely to happen before the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has its time on stage.

The two will definitely be vying for attention and sales but they are pretty much offering different solutions to the same problem of screen size and portability. The Surface Duo immediately loses on the matter of specs but, depending on how Microsoft prices it, it could win out in all other aspects.