Surface Duo might be coming next week

Despite the global health and economic situation, it seems that August is quickly becoming the month for smartphones. Its first week was marked by no less than three major announcements, not counting the slightly smaller ones, and the train hasn't stopped yet. In just a few days, one of the Android world's next most innovative device might finally be announced, with the Microsoft Surface Duo potentially giving the Galaxy Z Fold 2 some tough competition, even if in attention only.

To be fair, the Surface Duo is far from the first dual-screen Android device to grace the market and hopefully, it won't be the first. From the Sony Tablet P to the Kyocera Echo to the LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen, manufacturers have been trying to solve the problem of screen space for years without having to resort to the expensive yet admittedly impressive flexible displays. Microsoft, however, may be the first to really go all-in on the concept.

The Android-based Surface Duo was initially announced last year to launch "later in 2020" but then rumors swirled that it would be coming out a lot earlier, in July even. Of course, that never came to be and there were then whispers that it could be delayed even up to 2021. For those hoping to see the device soon, there might be some good news just a few days away, on Wednesday to be exact.

Of course, it could also be some bad news, too, with Microsoft preparing MVPs about some news of a last-minute delay. Given how the company's own executives have been teasing the device, however, only some big catastrophe would make that disappointing news a reality. AT&T's own website even accidentally leaked the image above, again hinting at its imminent launch.

We've already heard a lot about the Surface Duo, since Microsoft itself wasn't so secretive about it, and it has shaped up to be a mixed bag of last year's specs with tomorrow's features. Of course, the phone's success will depend heavily on the Surface Duo's software experience and especially its price tag.