Surface Duo gets a hefty discount this week

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The Surface Duo is an intriguing double-screen, tablet/smartphone hybrid, but its starting price of $1400 definitely puts it outside the realm of affordability for a lot of people. Those who are interested in a Surface Duo but don't want to shell out full price should check out Best Buy or Amazon, where the device is currently on offer at a hefty discount. This applies to both the 128GB and 256GB models, but of course, there's something of a catch if you want to get the full discount – at least in regards to Best Buy.

Specifically, both models have a $450 discount from Best Buy at the moment, bringing the 128GB model down to $949.99 and the 256GB model down to $1,049.99. While these are both unlocked models, you'll still need to active the device on a carrier if you want to get the full discount. Best Buy gives you the choice of activating with Verizon or AT&T.

If you choose not to active it today, you still save $400 (which brings the 128GB model to $999.99 and the 256GB model to $1,099.99). That still isn't a bad discount at all, though it is something of a bummer that you forfeit $50 by simply choosing not to activate the Surface Duo today. It's worth noting that the $400 discounts are available through Amazon as well, and both models have Prime shipping.

According to Hot Hardware, Amazon and Best Buy aren't the only places where you'll be able to find Surface Duo discounts this week. Microsoft is also rumored to be kicking off a Surface Duo sale of its own on Friday, but whether or not we'll see discounts this deep from the Microsoft Store is unknown.

We also don't know how long these discounts from Best Buy and Amazon will last, so those who are itching to get a Surface Duo might be better served by hopping on these deals now instead of waiting for the discounts from Microsoft. Check out the timeline below for more on the Surface Duo.