Surface Duo 2 specs are still a bit disappointing

Not everyone is a fan of single-screen foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Huawei Mate X2. While most will probably want a larger screen, the drawbacks of such a device have always been deal-breakers for many consumers. Some, however, are more interested in a slightly different take on that problem, using two separate screens in one. So far, only the Microsoft Surface Duo represents that niche segment, and it didn't do quite a good job of it. The Surface Duo 2 might just be around the corner, but based on leaks, it could still fail to impress when it comes to certain features.

When the Surface Duo launch, it was terribly late, and its specs showed it. Although it wasn't exactly terrible, it didn't stand up to 2020 flagships, especially considering its price. Those factors compounded the generally disappointing reception the first and so far only dual-screen foldable got, with many looking forward to its successor for hope.

Based on a Geekbench sighting, the Surface Duo 2 would at least address some of those. It will run on a Snapdragon 888 at the very least, giving it the latest Qualcomm chip and, finally, 5G connectivity. Unfortunately, the entry also notes that the device will have only 8GB of RAM, just one step short of what premium phones have these days.

It will also be running Android 11, which is both expected but also disappointing. The Surface Duo 2 will most likely launch after Android 12's public availability, so it's not unexpected that it would use the version that was available during its development. It is, however, a missed opportunity for Microsoft and Google to collaborate on making the Surface Duo 2 a prime example of Android 12's capabilities.

And then, of course, there's the earlier leaked design of the foldable device. Although the cameras (yes plural) will be a significant upgrade compared to the first Surface Duo, it might also require a drastic change in design. Suffice to say, the Surface Duo 2 is at least getting a lot of attention, though it remains to be seen how well Microsoft will meet expectations this time around.