Surface Duo 2 promised to get three years of updates

Smartphone makers seem to have finally wised up and noticed how important software updates are to consumers these days. Many users have more or less understood by now that updated software is, more often than not, safer software. Of course, committing publicly and actually following through with those promises are two different things, but it's still commendable that Microsoft is promising to support the Surface Duo 2 with software updates for at least three years.

In the past, OEMs have adopted a seemingly arbitrary two-year period for smartphone software updates, almost matching the customary two-year service warranty covering these devices. Things have fortunately improved over the past few years, with manufacturers embracing longer periods of support. That said, the majority still promise only two years of major Android updates with three years of security updates, usually delivered monthly.

The latter is the formula that Microsoft will be using for the Surface Duo 2, according to Android Authority. While it's not the generous four-year promise that the likes of Samsung and Google give, it's still better than no public commitment at all. This way, the public could also hold the company accountable.

Then again, this is the exact same promise that Microsoft made for the first Surface Duo, and there are some misgivings in that regard. The promise to support a phone for three years doesn't exactly include the frequency nor the punctuality of those updates. It was a common tactic before to delay updates for so long that the two years are over before a second Android upgrade could actually be rolled out.

The Surface Duo 2 launches with Android 11, but only Microsoft knows when it will get Android 12, which is coming out next month. The OG Surface Duo launched with Android 10 and has yet to receive Android 11, something that Microsoft promised would be arriving before the year is over.