Supposed pics of Sony Ericsson Hallon Leak

The start of every New Year brings with it lots of new gadgets and other gear in the first few months. In January, we have CES and in February, we have Mobile World Congress. Both of the shows see many smartphones showing off with some seen for the first time/ Sony Ericsson is expected to show off three new smartphones at MWC in February and some leaked pics point to two of those three new handsets.

If the rumors that go along with the leaked photos are accurate, we have one unannounced SE handset taking pics of another unannounced SE handset for you to enjoy. The images were posted under a Picasa account and are apparently from an 8MP camera phone that has the model number LT15i. The same device is apparently on the site with four other users with one using the name "Rachel.tester." SE geeks might recognize Rachel as the codename of the Xperia X10.

The smartphone in the photos is apparently another unannounced smartphone for SE and is thought to be the Hallon. The only things you can tell for the pics are that the thing has top USB port, a curved upper surface, and appears to be running Android Gingerbread. It also has a big honkin' lens on the front. The pics do look awfully grainy for the LT15i Anzu, which is rumored to have a 12MP, camera to have snapped them.

Via Android Community