SuperVOOC battery recharges a dead phone in 15 minutes flat

Remember back when you didn't need to charge your phone every single night? Unfortunately, with the amount of processing power, and manufacturers' obsession with thinner and lighter phones, we're sometimes lucky to make it through the day. However, if one company has their way, you'll only need a few minutes to make a dead battery full again.

A company named Oppo showed off a pretty cool piece of new tech at Mobile World Congress this week that is sure to be of interest to everyone with a phone. Imagine realizing that your device has only a small charge left, and you still need it to last the rest of the day. And then, you plug it in for a few minutes, and see that it's back up to 100%. This is now a reality.

The technology is called SuperVOOC. During the event, they demoed a phone using the new technology, and CNET observed it going from just 5% all the way to 100% in just a few minutes. The company claims that it can take a phone from completely dead to fully charged in 15 minutes.

While this sounds like either a miracle, or a fire hazard, Oppo is confident in their technology. They are using "a low-voltage pulse charging algorithm" and a 2,500mAh battery "that regulates the electric current." In layman's terms, they've been working on this for a while, and it won't burn your house down while you're recharging your phone.

The company hasn't announced any devices that will take advantage of the new charging system, but they currently have 18 patents pending for the technology. So hopefully we'll start seeing this sort of system integrated in the next couple of years.