SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth audio device packs 28W of power

There are all sorts of gadgets that use Bluetooth that you might want to connect to speakers. You can connect your notebook to a BT speaker for instance to watch a movie without having to fiddle with wires or connect your iPhone to a BT speaker for wireless music. SuperTooth has a new Bluetooth audio system that has lots of power for audio quality.

The device is called the Disco, it supports, and Bluetooth device that has A2DP support built-in. That means it will pair with Apple gear, notebooks, MP3 players and many other gadgets. The disco measures 89mm H x 315mm W x 70mm D and weighs 1140 grams. It is powered by a rechargeable battery for use on the go with up to four hours of playback at high volume.

If you turn it down to medium volume level, it's good for up to ten hours of playback. The standby time is 1500 hours and the charge time is three hours. The Disco has 28W of peak power and a 12W subwoofer for bass. It uses a 3.5mm headphone jack for devices without Bluetooth. It is available right now for $149.99.