SuperTooth Bluetooth Melody Headphones Hands-On

This week we've gotten the opportunity to take a peek at SuperTooth's newest addition to their Bluetooth lineup, namely their brand new set of Melody headphones. These headphones are wireless in both their ability to work with media and with how their powered – battery power to the rescue! You've got a 7.5 hour charge for music with a 240 mAh battery inside, Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, tablet, or whatever else you've got with Bluetooth, and high definition sound from the people who brought you the SuperTooth Disco – still a hit!

These headphones have on-phone controls including play, pause, stop, previous track, and next track, and are ready to take on your mobile life with a battery that takes just 2.5 hours to charge up fully. These headphones are coming out in a variety of colors and are also capable of working as a wireless headset – the holes you see at the bottom of each phone is a microphone (as you'll see in the hands-on video below.) Have a peek at what these headphones are all about and how they fit into the grander scheme of things courtesy of SuperTooth's Vice President of Sales and Marketing Yves Le Reun.

[vms 49a705cf7275e41b21f0]

These headphones will be popping up on the market by the end of the month for $99 to add to the full family of Bluetooth-laden devices from SuperTooth. Have a peek at our SuperTooth portal to see the rest of this Bluetooth-laden pack of powerful speakers and be sure to stay tuned here on SlashGear to see the rest of the show all week long. We'll be showing a whole lot more hands-on, in-person action throughout the week through our CTIA portal – don't miss it!