Supernatural VR fitness game is like Beat Saber with extra steps

A new at-home workout system that exists entirely within virtual reality is now available for the Oculus Quest headset. Called 'Supernatural,' this fitness game works alongside a companion mobile app to track workouts and keep players active. The experience is similar to that of Beat Saber, only with vast environments and different types of obstacles.

There's a growing trend among VR headset owners and it revolves around fitness. These individuals use the virtual reality environment to engage in physical activity with the hope of burning calories and improving their cardiovascular fitness. A relatively small number of games are available to facilitate this trend, the most popular among them being Beat Saber.

The game is popular due to its mixture of music, rapid movements, and obstacles that need to be avoided. The actual value of the game from a fitness standpoint is dubious, however — you have to deliberately move around in ways that aren't encouraged by the game in order to get your heart rate up. That's where Supernatural comes in.

It's hard to ignore the fact that Supernatural looks an awful lot like Beat Saber, but with distinct differences that require the user to move around quite a bit more. In addition to wielding two saber-like weapons for smashing obstacles, the game also has more complex and compact obstacles that force the player to squat and dodge, keeping them moving no matter what.

The app promises daily workouts, coaches, on-demand fitness, a dynamic system that adjusts the difficulty in real-time, a library of 'premium music,' and, of course, the gorgeous landscapes it shows off its in its trailer. Unfortunately, the app is only available for the Oculus Quest headset at this time and it's unclear when it will be available on other platforms.