Superbooster Wall Plate lets you have USB ports anywhere in the house

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 19, 2007

I’ve always been a firm believer that one can’t have too many USB ports. It seems like almost everything you own plugs in via USB, with some devices like iPods depending on it in order to get a charge. With all of these USB gadgets, not all of them necessarily need to be right next to the computer.

The USB Superbooster Wall Plate brings an interesting solution to the issue of needing a USB port somewhere other than right next to your PC. It does this by using any Cat 5 cable that you run in your wall, and converts both ends into USB ports. It uses tool-less termination for ease of installation, and can give you connectivity up to 150 feet away.

I personally love this idea because I tend to string cables all over the house in a vain attempt to connect everything properly. Unfortunately with a $129 price tag you might want to consider just using wireless USB instead.

Superbooster Wall Plate Extends USB up to 150 ft.
[via everythingusb]

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