Super Tiny Keyboard Is Super Small, But Not Quite 'Tiny'

I can understand the need for a super small keyboard for a mobile device or your laptop. It makes it much easier to take it on the go with you. However, what's the point of a small keyboard if it's just as cramped as the one built into your laptop?


Even so, the Super Tiny Keyboard by Brando is a small keyboard option for those that like a tiny typing experience. You know, the kind where your hands overlap? Intended to be used with a desktop PC, this keyboard measures in at just 6.6-inches wide.

It includes 56 keys, including all the ones you've come to know and use on a standard keyboard like num lock and function keys. A mini-USB connector is also included on the back. This thing is definitely small, however, I just don't know how practical it would be. You can get the Super Tiny Keyboard for yourself for $25.

[via OhGizmo!]