Super Talent Project X high-performance 4GB DDR3-1800 RAM kit

Super Talent Technology are already known on these pages for their high-performance solid state drives, but the memory company also specialises in speciality RAM under their Project X banner.  Intended for gamers and other users who demand excessive performance from their systems, Super Talent are claiming their new Project X DDR3-1800 4GB kit is the first on the market offering that much memory running at that fast a speed.  Rivals, apparently, have only managed DDR3-1600.

The company manufacturers their own chips, as well as the toothy aluminium head spreaders you can see in the photos.  These boast double the surface area and 106-percent more aluminium mass than standard heat spreaders, and are joined with Super Talent's own thermal adhesive.  The result is "aggressive latencies" and a lifetime warranty.

Of course, you pay for all that performance; those of you who blanch at the sight of standard Crucial RAM should look away now.  The DDR3-1800 4GB kit – comprising two 2GB sticks and the heatsinks – is priced at around $499.  It's available today from eWiz.