Super Talent boosts SSD write speeds of MasterDrive range

Super Talent has taken their flagship MasterDrive SSD models back into the workshop and eked some more speed from them, increasing the rate at which each can write to its memory so as to ensure maximum performance in data-heavy applications.  The three affected models - the 2.5-inch SATA-II DX and MX, and the 1.8-inch Micro SATA KX – all have read speeds of 120MB/s, but now their write speeds have risen to as much as 100MB/s.

In the case of the two models using MLC Flash memory, write speeds have as much as doubled; the DX, which uses SLC Flash, has increased by up to 30MB/s. The 60GB and 120GB models support slightly faster write speeds than 15GB and 30GB models, but Super Talent claims that all continue to draw less power than a traditional platter-based hard-drive.

Possible applications for the new, faster drives include video editing and encoding, image processing, compressing and extracting files, installing applications and copying large files; in short, anything a mobile power-user might do with their notebook. The revised MasterDrive SSDs are available now.