Super Snow Moon 2019: When To See February's Supermoon

Another supermoon will arrive this week following the celestial event late last month. Starting tonight, sky-gazers will get a change to see the brightest moon of 2019, one called the "super snow moon." This supermoon will be at its closest point to Earth tomorrow, February 19, though it will appear notably brighter and larger than usual on the days before and after, as well.

The first supermoon of the year happened on January 21, paving the way for tomorrow's brightest supermoon of the year. Another supermoon will take place on March 21, as well, that event having the name "Worm Moon."

The super snow moon will reach its closest point of 2019 early tomorrow morning, being only 221,681 miles from Earth (compared to its average 238k distance). This closest distance will take place at 4:07AM on February 19, though the moon will look larger and brighter than normal starting tonight and again on Wednesday.

The Snow Moon, which is also known as the "Hunger Moon," is the name given to a supermoon that takes place in the month of February. The origin of the name is about what you'd expect: February is typically a month with ample snow in many places, hence the name that became associated with its super moon.

The alternative name, Hunger Moon, refers to the general difficulty in acquiring food in the middle of winter, at least before modern roads and supermarkets existed. If you have trouble seeing the super snow moon tomorrow due to overcast skies, you'll have one more chance to experience a supermoon this winter with the Worm Moon on March 21.