Super Smash Flash 2 has everyone, should have kitchen sink

It may not be a household name like Street Fighter, but Nintendo's Super Smash Bros is also one of the best loved fighting game franchises, because of its ironically (for a fighting game) lighthearted nature and the assortment of characters pulled from various Nintendo properties. But what if you take those elements even further, almost to their most illogical conclusion. Then you et McLeod Gaming's Super Smash Flash 2, a 2D "retro" rendition of the Smash Bros concept that includes almost every gaming or geek culture icon you can think of and then some.

Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Pac-Man, Mr. Game & Watch, Jigglypuff, Naruto, Ichigo (Bleach). You get the drift. It's a wild assortment of characters, not just from Nintendo. Sadly, although the roster has been increased compared to the first SSF game, it no longer includes some totally fan-made characters.

By only including already existing characters, however, the game developers were able to focus on creating better looking 2D renditions of some completely 3D avatars. And it shows, with SSF2 looking almost like an official spin off.

Although the game plays out in a flat, 2D scene, the world is rendered from beautifully made 3D stages, that range from post-apocalyptic sci-fi, Mario-like platforms, and even a giant floating Nintendo 3DS. It is over the tope, tongue-in-cheek fanservice at its finest.

As the name suggests, Super Smash Flash 2 is unabashedly a Flash game, at a time when interactive content is frowned upon or even blocked altogether. It is, in a way, the developers' way of protesting the undervaluation of Flash that has become the trend in the web industry.

SOURCE: McLeod Gaming