Super Smash Bros Ultimate's next DLC fighters are Steve and Alex from Minecraft

As promised, today Nintendo and Sora Ltd. unveiled the next DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it's safe to say the reveal was a surprise to everyone watching. The next DLC characters will be Steve and Alex from Minecraft, along with what appear to be Zombie and Enderman skins that both characters can wear into battle. Sorry Geno fans, but it looks like you aren't getting your guy into Smash just yet.

In any case, today's reveal was rather brief – all we really saw was a debut video followed by a message from Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai in which he talked about the difficulty in bringing Minecraft characters into the world of Smash Bros. Steve and Alex will, obviously, have movesets that are themed around Minecraft, and the announcement video shows the two of them placing blocks around enemies.

The blocks seem to degrade and break on their own over time, so thankfully, it appears you can't be permanently locked down by your opponents this way. At various points throughout the video, we also see Steve and Alex laying down tracks for minecarts, subsequently pulling those tracks up, crafting weapons, and even laying TNT with a fuse and pressure plate. It's safe to say that the moveset of Steve and Alex will be unlike anything else in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, even if we don't know the specifics yet.

It won't be much longer before we get those specifics, because in his message after the reveal trailer, Sakurai said that he'll be publishing a deep dive into these characters on October 3rd. Watch for that livestream to go live at 7:30 AM PDT/10:30 AM EDT this Saturday, likely both on Nintendo's YouTube and Twitch channels.

At this point, it's unclear if Steve and Alex are entirely separate fighters of if Alex is merely an echo fighter for Steve in the same way Richter is to Simon and Daisy is to Peach. It's almost certainly the latter, but we'll find out for sure during Sakurai's deep dive on Saturday.