Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pyra and Mythra deep dive dated

A week ago, Nintendo hosted a new Direct in which one of the main announcements was the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As it turns out, the next DLC character is actually two fighters in one: Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While the introduction trailer gave us a taste of what Pyra and Mythra can do on the battlefield, we were left in the dark regarding their actual moveset and capabilities.

That's all going to change next week, as Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai will be hosting a deep dive on the characters. Sakurai has done this for every Ultimate DLC character released thus far, so it was only a matter of time before Nintendo confirmed this one as well. Sakurai's deep dive on Pyra/Mythra will be happening on March 4th – 8 days from today – at 6 AM PST/9 AM EST.

So, we'll definitely be getting up early to see what Pyra and Mythra are capable of. In a follow up tweet, Nintendo said that Sakurai's presentation will run for around 35 minutes and won't reveal the next DLC fighter, so don't go there expecting to see anything but Pyra and Mythra in action.

That's a necessary warning too, because Sakurai has revealed new DLC fighters at the end of these deep dives before. While Ultimate fans are probably disappointed that we won't be getting another new DLC fighter reveal so soon, it's safe to assume that things at Sakurai's studio are moving slower than usual thanks to the pandemic.

In any case, if you're an Ultimate player, be sure to tune in next week to see what Pyra and Mythra bring to the table. Sakurai's deep dive will be broadcast on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, and you can watch it when the time comes via the video embedded above.