Super Smash Bros Ultimate bug turns Isabelle into a broken powerhouse

Even though Super Smash Bros Ultimate is still very new and it's going to take some time to figure out which fighters are strong and which aren't, it seems that series newcomer Isabelle is at least reasonably powerful. With the help of a new glitch, though, Isabelle becomes the strongest fighter in the game by an extreme amount. We probably shouldn't expect this glitch to hang around for very long.

In truth, it should be a rare bug that isn't seen often just because of the timing (and composition) required to pull it off. As you'll see in the video embedded below – which comes from the TheAfrowJow on YouTube – the bug actually requires two Isabelle players to pull off. You'll also need to be playing with items on, as this glitch relies on Assist Trophies.

Here's how it works: if two Isabelles standing roughly equal distance away from an Assist Trophy try to grab it with their fishing poles, the one who latched on first will end up summoning that Assist Trophy over and over again. The timing needed for this to happen seems to be pretty precise, as both players need to grab it within a split second of one another – but not, it appears, at the same time.

Still, when two players do manage to pull it off, the results are pretty impressive. TheAfrowJow notes that Isabelle's chain of unlimited Assist Trophy summons can be stopped simply by hitting her, but that might be a difficult task when the screen is packed full of hostile AI fighters.

In the end, it seems like a fun little glitch to try replicating with your friends, but since it requires an Isabelle mirror match and precise timing, it's unlikely that it'll ruin many online matches. Be that as it may, we expect Nintendo to patch this bug in a future update soon, so enjoy it while you can.