Super Smash Bros Star Wars video takes on Nintendo x Lucasfilm future

An animator by the name of James Farr has created a piece of artwork that allows our imaginations to run wild in a real crossover universe. This universe involves both Star Wars and Nintendo, bringing on not just a falsified gameplay demo, but a whole mini story and episode. Even if you're not especially in on either universe, the style is worth the tap.

What you'll likely be hoping to see by the end of this is a real-deal crossover between Lucasfilm and Nintendo. Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and all properties therein, there's more of a possibility of its creation than at any time in the recent past. While we've already seen Star Wars hit the gaming circuit recently in a crossover with Rovio for Angry Birds, we're certainly not going to rule out Nintendo taking them on next.

On the other hand, Nintendo might not have the far reach that Lucasfilm – and Disney – are after at this point. With Rovio they've gotten releases on essentially every major machine in the mobile universe and beyond – from the Xbox 360 to the PC back down to the iPhone. Nintendo is still very much on the fence about expanding in that particular way.

As a bit of a bonus, you're going to see other oddities in this video from the Nintendo universe such as Pokemon – a parody once again, this time with the character "Yodachu" to face off against "Link Skywalker." That's a pairing you know good and well you're going o want to experience.

*Set of videos, it would seem – here's the second one of two for your full enjoyment!

Have a peek and keep your eye out for more James Farr in the future. We can't imagine he's not going to go big – a least in the game trailer industry, for sure.

NOTE: You're also going to want to take a look at the video above. Inside Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, there's a multiplayer element that is, for lack of a better description, a near-perfect translation of Super Smash Bros to the Star Wars universe. Have a peek!