Super Smash Bros. ported to a TI-83 calculator

With the weekend officially upon us, you might be looking for something interesting to take up your time, maybe a little DIY tinkering to fill the hours. If you have an old TI-83 calculator lying around, Omnimaga user Hayleia has a project that might fit the bill: a Super Smash Bros. port for the calculator of seemingly endless possibilities. The project has been on-going since this past August, and has carried on nicely over the last few months, leaving in its wake a download you can grab now and enough instructions to get you started.

The project will work with a TI-83 and a TI-84 calculator, and is open source for those who are especially keen to make their own contributions. For now the game offers Falco and Fox, and so others are encouraged to help add other playable characters.

Amazingly enough, the game is complete with some nice camera effects that zoom in on the action and mostly stay with the characters. Two players play by using different keys on the same calculator, which could prove a little awkward.

If you're just in it for the cool gifs, be sure to check out the forum where the project is taking place and screenshots abound. For other video game news, hit up the timeline below and check out our gaming portal.

VIA: Kotaku