Super Smash Bros head to deliver coveted keynote

In what could be a move for Nintendo to drum up last-minute excitement for the Wii U, the man at the head of the Super Smash Bros franchise will give a rare public keynote address at a game developer conference later this summer. Masahiro Sakurai gained Internet fame in the months leading up to Super Smash Bros Brawl because of his constantly-updated blog that became the source for all Brawl-related news.

But when it comes to making appearances at trade shows and professional events, Sakurai largely remains in the background. However, as Nintendo tries to prove that the Wii U and 3DS are strong contenders in this ever evolving gaming market, it has decided to allow the developer to give a headline address at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in August.

While Sakurai is most known for his involvement in the Smash Bros environment, he is also the one who created the iconic pink blob Kirby, and he also headed up the recent Kid Icarus revival on 3DS. In other words, he has nothing but solid street cred when it comes to Nintendo. It's unlikely we'll see any major Super Smash Bros announcements at this event, but Sakurai's speech will no doubt be analyzed to death for any insight into his current projects.

[via CVG]