Super Mario Run will sprint into Android in March

Android faithful, fear not! Nintendo has neither forgotten nor abandoned you. While it may seem that way as it has been more than a month since Super Mario Run landed on iOS, the feisty Italian plumber will be searching for his princess on Google's platform really soon now. And by "soon", we mean "in two months. Nintendo has teased on Twitter that Super Mario Run will be coming to Android some time in March. This year, of course. Provided there aren't any more delays.

While Miitomo is technically Nintendo's first mobile "game", many consider Super Mario Run as the first real game coming from the gaming giant. And quite appropriately too, given how Mario is one of Nintendo's most iconic properties. The others being Zelda and Link, which still have to make their way to mobile in any official capacity. Pokemon, dear friends, is not a Nintendo property, strictly speaking.

Super Mario Run, however, turned out to be rather controversial. One won't be able to deny how the game has really been designed from the ground up for mobile use. It isn't simply a port of an existing title. To that extent, Nintendo does deserve some applause for a job well done.

The $10 price, however, has been universally derided. To be clear, the game is "free to start", in Nintendo's own marketing words. We have other terms for that, like "trialware" or "free to play with IAPs". Call it what you wish, the fact is that if you want to finish the game, or even just get past the beginning levels, you'll have to pay $9.99. Whether the game, in spite of its agreeable design, is really worth that much, is the topic of much debates and hurt feelings.

Nintendo hasn't backed down from that position, sadly, so Android users will get their turn in the pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth. Chances are, however, some will still end up paying that tax anyway. No exact date for the launch, but if you pre-register, you will get an e-mail telling you about it.

SOURCE: @Nintendo