Super Mario Odyssey new overview trailer: It's time to get excited

We are now exactly three weeks out from the release of Super Mario Odyssey. Hype levels are already high among Switch owners, but if you find that you still don't what know what Super Mario Odyssey is all about, you might want to give this new overview trailer a look. It serves as a decent primer for whats ahead, and introduces us to some of Super Mario Odyssey's quirks.

Not only does the trailer set the stage for Odyssey's conflict – Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach once again and plans to marry her – but it also shows us some of the things Mario and his companion, Cappy, are capable of. Chief among these powers is the ability to "capture" enemies by tossing Cappy on them and thereby possessing them. Though we've known about this aspect of the game for a while now, this overview trailer shows it in more depth than we've seen before.

The trailer also introduces us to the ship Mario and Cappy will use to traverse worlds: the Odyssey. Each world will have a different type of currency to collect, which can then be used to buy new outfits and hats. Those are purchased at the Crazy Cap store, which is present in each and every kingdom.

The Odyssey is powered by Power Moons, which are hidden across the kingdoms that Mario will visit. These seem to be Super Mario Odyssey's version of collectible stars, though there's one key difference – these Power Moons aren't necessarily tied to an objective. Rather, they're just hidden around the world in general, encouraging players to explore each kingdom thoroughly.

There's a lot more the trailer covers – including Super Mario Odyssey's two-player mode – but we won't spoil it all here. Super Mario Odyssey is out on Nintendo Switch three weeks from today, on October 27.