Super Mario Maker User Creates A "Computer" In-Game

Move over Minecraft, there's a new kid in town. Well, as far as crazy and mind-blowing creations are concerned. While Super Mario Maker has indeed let a thousand creative ideas bloom, you probably wouldn't expect someone to create a computer right inside the game. A computer running inside a program running on a computer. Game-ception! Of course, given the technical and practical limitations, the "computer' is nothing more than a crude, and terribly tedious, adding machine, but still testifies to the creators genius. And patience, lots of patience.

That creator is Trousers, who happens to have a lot of maps in Super Mario Maker that almost defies logic. This very, very basic computer is hardly the only interesting level he's made, but it's definitely the most sophisticated. In the end, however, like the Minecraft computers, it all boils down to manipulating 1's and 0's, here represented by Bob-ombs, and "passing" them through logic gates using P switches.

Naturally, you will hardly use such a computer in real life, especially considering the manual work you have to do to operate it, but it might still be a valuable learning experience, especially for those dabbling in computer science. And after all, who can say no to that Italian plumber doing a bit of heavy lifting for science?

Nintendo might have stumbled upon a game, or software, winner in Super Mario Maker, pretty much like how Minecraft raked in the dough for Mojang. Despite reporting disappointing earnings, Nintendo revealed there was a marked interest in Super Mario Maker, an interest that equated to 3.3 million copies sold. It could keep Nintendo afloat, bringing in more hardware and game sales for a while, but probably not for long.

As for Trouser's other masterpieces, how about a classic Superman theme, in honor of the upcoming Dawn of War film?

VIA: VentureBeat