Super Mario Maker 2 course upload limit increased, with more soon

Super Mario Maker 2 has been out for a few weeks, and while the game is mostly pretty great, folks who are passionate about creating courses have run into a frustrating problem: they're limited to a mere 32 course uploads. That may seem like a lot of upload slots to someone who doesn't go hard on course creation, but for some creators, that's nowhere near enough.

When I reviewed the game, I said that I'd like to see that limit increased at some point in the future, listing it as one of the few negatives about Super Mario Maker 2. It looks like Nintendo has been listening to feedback on that front, as it's decided to increase the course upload limit, doubling it from 32 to 64.

READ MORE: Super Mario Maker 2 ReviewFor people who like to make "full games" within Super Mario Maker, this is great news indeed, as they can now make twice as many courses before they're faced with having to delete existing courses in order to upload more. It'll also allow for more experimentation among Super Mario Maker 2's creator community, because with Nintendo being more generous with upload slots, there's less of a worry about making each course "worthy" of one an upload.

Players were alerted to this new upload limit by way of an in-game notification, which says that Nintendo plans to increase the course upload limit once more before everything is said and done. There's no word on what the upload limit will wind up being, but it's worth pointing out that the original Mario Maker eventually let players upload 100 courses, so it seems unlikely that Super Mario Maker 2 will come in under that limit.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens from here, but for now, you Super Mario Maker 2 players who love creating courses can get to work on filling up those additional 32 upload slots. Hopefully the next upload limit increase is right around the corner, so stay tuned.