Super Fighter Team developing new Super Nintendo game

There's a new side-scrolling action game heading to the Super Nintendo system. Don't worry – you haven't somehow traveled back in time to 1995. It's still 2012, but there are some die-hard programmers out there who wanted to bring out a new game to a system that was officially discontinued before the turn of the century. Only 600 copies of the game are currently scheduled to be manufactured, and the company is taking pre-orders now.

The team behind the project is called Super Fighter Team, which says it "was formed around the dream that new life can be breathed into video games, game systems and computers that have otherwise been abandoned by game companies." Its brand new Super NES adventure is called Nightmare Busters. The company also hopes that one day it will be able to create new Sega Genesis or Atari Lynx titles.

And potentially its scope will even expand beyond that. "We proudly offer up what may one day be the world's only source of worthwhile new games for" discontinued systems, the company said. And even though the Super Nintendo is an old system, you still can't build Rome in a day. Nightmare Busters isn't due out until 2013, with no further release date window specified. For those who pre-order a copy now, your $60 (yep, the game is $60) is really more of a symbolic donation to the company's efforts. Best of luck, Super Fighter Team.

[via Examiner]