Super-efficient PSU makes servers cool

"Turn off the fridge, Bob, the sun is beginning to fade"  That might be the very shouts of the general populous as ecological crisis flourishes over the next few years; most experts worth their farthing would agree that we need to turn our wasteful ways around. 

A damned good way of doing that might be chucking out the power-hungry PSU in our computer and replacing it with one that merely sips at the AC juice.  That's where ColdWatt steps in.

Their magnetics-based technology reduces power consumption by 30-percent through far less of the electricity being wasted as heat; 45-percent less, in fact.  So far, they're making PSUs for servers, hoping to tempt in network admins with the promise of $50,000 a year savings for a data centre running 400 servers.

Apparently AMD have expressed interest, and Intel showed demo models last year that used ColdWatt technology.

ColdWatt [via InfoWorld via Treehugger]