Super Bowl 2015: this year's best tech-related commercials

The time has arrived. The 2015 Super Bowl. It's that one day of the year where we throw parties with tons of food, focus on sitting on the couch in front of a large TV, and spend the afternoon watching a collection of the world's the most expensive commercials, all with the occasional break to show a sports game. But we already know which commercial will be the winner, don't we? Just like last year, it will be the emotional one with a puppy that doesn't really have a connection to the cheap beer it's trying to sell.

So, instead of watching the advertisement we'll be bombarded with on our Facebook feeds for the next few weeks, let's look at some of the other commercials, specifically those related to our favorite topic, tech!

Ok, let's get that one ad that features the "annoying celebrity" out of the way first. This year it's from T-Mobile and features none other than Kim Kardashian. As the woman who "broke the internet," Kim is pitching the telecom's new data roll-over campaign.

Next up is Squarespace, the slick website building and hosting service. They teamed up with Jeff Bridges to showcase his creation of an album of lullabies, which you can actually buy in support of charity. The website for the music,, was designed with Squarespace. Also note that the 50-second ad which plays during the big game, below, is only a teaser for the full two and a half-minute video.

GoDaddy is back this year with one of their funny advertisements for their website domain registration service. This year they get big points for mocking Budweiser's entry this year with their own take on a lost puppy.

Mophie, the makers of the popular line of battery-charging smartphone cases, is coming to the game with a minute-long clip about how it feels like the end of the world when your phone dies unexpectedly.

When it comes to cars this year, BMW easily tops rivals Lexus and Mercedes-Benz when it comes to laughs. The commercial for the new all-electric i3 stars Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, and will remind that mainstream media isn't always the first to have a good understanding of new technology.

What's that? You've reached the end of this list and still want more Super Bowl commercials? Ok, then here's Budweiser's new puppy ad, you might as well watch it now, you're going to be seeing it all over soon.