SunSprite health-centric wearable monitors light exposure

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 25, 2014, 3:25 pm CST
SunSprite health-centric wearable monitors light exposure

We’ve seen all sorts of wearable devices in recent time, the span of which includes things like stylish safety alerts and hoards of fitness-specific wristbands. GoodLux Technology has surfaced with a wearable focus we’ve not seen before, however: a sun exposure meter that tracks how much sunlight a person gets.

While perhaps not appealing to those who live in sunny locations, the wearable is an interesting concept for those of us living in places where the sun is often hidden behind a blanket of clouds (I’m looking at you, Seattle). GoodLux says its SunSprite is the first device that is solely solar-powered with an accompanying app that tracks bright light exposure. The company points out that sunlight is an important component to one’s health, and lack of adequate exposure can result in a variety of issues, including depression.

The wearable is available now from the company’s Indiegogo campaign, where buyers can nab one for $99, with the first 100 sold going for $89 USD. The product will ship in Q2 if all goes as planned, and will eventually retail for $149 USD. The product’s debut will take place during SXSW next month.

Said GoodLux CEO Edward Likovich, “We are thrilled to launch SunSprite, a wearable device that combines cutting-edge technology with the latest medical science to deliver a simple-to-use experience that will improve health on a global scale. SunSprite is easy to integrate into anyone’s lifestyle. By wearing it and getting daily bright light, you will feel more energized during the day and sleep better at night.”

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