Sunseeker add Caterham garage to Predator 108 yacht

Luxury boat buyers have long had the option to make their vessel into the sea-going equivalent of a Russian nesting doll, with room for various launches, jet-skis, mini-subs and other water-loving accessories.  Less common is a garage for a car, but that's just what Sunseeker International have done to distinguish their Predator 108 Special Edition; they've partnered with sportscar manufacturer Caterham Cars to add some land-going transport where usual you'd find a boat.

It makes reasonable sense, too.  Sunseeker's Predator series is more likely to be found trolling the luxury ports like Monaco or Cannes, where owners are more interested in getting from Marina to casinos or shopping than they are hooning about in a smaller powerboat.  Not having to call ahead to rent a car means you're saving valuable time to pick out pastel-colored polo shirts and espadrilles.

Of course, the Caterham Se7en is also a pretty marvellous chunk of good fun, with room for two people and a power-to-weight ratio that will cock a snook at many so-called supercars.  The Sunseeker Predator 108 Special Edition is priced at $11.3m, whereas of course the common sense to wait until you're docked right up close to dry land before you zip out for some milk in your Caterham is priceless.

[via Born Rich]