Sunny Ocean shows off 84-inch 3D display needing no glasses

3D has been a big deal so far in 2010 and will continue to be a big deal moving into 2011 and beyond. The thing that is keeping many from adopting 3D technology right now is the need for glasses when viewing. A company called Sunny Ocean has unveiled an 84-inch video wall system that shows 3D footage without needing glasses.

The company claims that the 3D images can be viewed from several points in a room and that it is well suited for use in large spaces and public venues. The 84-inch video wall system was debuted for the first time in Singapore at the Youth Games.

The company behind the 3D displays says that international sales and distribution agreements will be in place at IFA in Berlin next month. Sunny Ocean previously showed off a 3D projector at CeBIT 2010 that needed no glasses.