Sunn Light is your own miniature smart sun

Winter is here for many of us, and with it comes long cold dark days. Devices designed to simulate the sun are nothing new — there are many of them that come in the form of alarm clocks — but Sunn Light is a bit different. Most notably, Sunn Light is big and round just like, you know, the sun. It is also dynamic, not content with merely shining warm light. The brightness level and color is constantly changing to match the sun, something said to "help your body tune" into the rhythms of nature.

Sunn can function as an alarm clock if you'd like, in the sense that it'll start "rising" with the sun in the morning and slowly wake you up in the process. The light becomes bright and white in the middle of the day, and begins to yellow again and slowly dim as the sun sets.

Of course, part of the benefit of having your own miniature sun indoors is to enjoy warm light during seasons when it is lacking. Through the device's mobile app, users can set Sunn Light to mimic a different season than the one outdoors, such as summer sun patterns when it is winter time.

There's also an optional feature for watching the current weather conditions in real-time, and if the funding campaign hits the right milestone there will also be Sound Scapes added. The Sunn model measures in at 19-inches, while the Sunn Plus model measures in at 24-inches. A pledge on Kickstarter of $289 will get you a regular Sunn, and $349 will get you the Sunn Plus. Both are set to ship in April.

SOURCE: Kickstarter