Sunglasses made from human hair are GROSS!

There are few things in the world more irritating to me than having a wayward strand of my wife's or daughter's hair end up on my face or clothing. The long strand inevitably sways back and forth brushing against my face or neck driving me crazy because I can't find the cause. I also find cut hair of the type that ends up on the floor at the hair cutting place gross too. I certainly wouldn't want to wear anything with a stranger's hair on it.

Designers Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves are both graduates of the Royal College of Art and have made up a very odd collection of sunglasses from human hair. The hair is bound into the frame of the glasses in a resin material. The designers say that the frames are biodegradable too. The glasses come in several styles and have different color lenses.

The glasses were a project to explore sustainable fashion eyewear. I will say if I didn't know that hair was what was used inside the glasses I wouldn't have guessed it. The hair looks like the plastic is swirled and striped inside. The design of the glasses is green and no harmful substances are produced during the manufacturing process. Would you wear glasses with strange hair inside them?

[via Dezeen]