Sunforce 50044 solar charger produces 60W of power

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Last week I mentioned the new JOOS Solar charger that had been unveiled promising to produce 20X more power than other personal solar chargers on the market. That device is aimed at charging mobile phones and MP3 players. If you want a solar charger for larger items like your notebook or netbook, the Sunforce 50044 offers up to 60W of power.

The Sunforce 50044 60W solar charging kit is available now on Amazon for $299.99 with free shipping. The device is designed for RVs, cabins, homes, boats, and other uses where it can be mounted. The design is weather proof and the maker claims it can survive hailstones traveling as fast at 50mph.

The kit includes four solar panels each producing 15W of power, a 200W power-inverter, 7-amp solar charge module, and a wiring kit for installation. The device has blue LEDs that show when it is charging. The kit will produce enough power for most netbooks and lots of notebooks and other devices out there. You will need some space to install this kit with dimensions of 54" x 12" x 42.2" and about 60 pounds.