Sunflower uses drone, lights to monitor homes from outside

Most smart home security systems aren't so smart, argues Sunflower Labs. It says that 95% of the alarms raised turn out to be false ones to the point that police dispatchers have become numb to them, which is a very dangerous attitude. And for real situations, those security systems only alert you when it's too late to do anything, when some is already at the door of has gone through the window. Sunflower Labs, naturally, proposes a smarter solution, one that combines an autonomous drone and inconspicuous lawn lights to pinpoint when, where, and who is approaching your castle.

"Sunflower Home Awareness System" might not be the most convincing name for a hi-tech security system, but the way it works is the stuff of science fiction. Imagine your house surrounded by four or more posts filled with sensors, disguised as lawn lights. When one detects motion, it doesn't immediately sound the alarm. Instead, a drone takes off and flies to the scene, sending a live video feed to the owner, who may be at home or miles away.

It might sound rather complicated for a home security system, but it has advantages over your conventional security camera, usually installed at doors or gates. The Smart Lights act not just as literal beacons of light but also as beacons for the Flying Camera drone to go to. By spreading them across the perimeter of the property, the Sunflower system can cover a wider area but, at the same time, localize events to specific places for efficiency. It could mean a difference between differentiating between a raccoon wanting to steal your trash and a human wanting to steal your valuables.

Sunflower Labs says that its system can detect a variety of inputs, from motion, to vibration, to sound. It can also recognize cars, animals, and, of course, people. The Sunflower Home Awareness System, however, won't be immediately available as a complete set. The Sunflower Smart Lights, which, by themselves, already function as a complete "awareness" system, will be the first to arrive. It will be followed later by the Smart Flying Camera autonomous drone. The company is only taking reservations for now, with no mention of date or even price yet.

SOURCE: Sunflower Labs