SunBrite launches new, cheaper 46-inch outdoor TV

With most TVs that you use in the living room if you leave them outside the life span of the sets will be very short. SunBriteTV has a line of HDTVs that it has been offering for a long time now that are specifically designed to be used outside and survive there for good. The company has announced a new model outdoor TV that has a 46-inch screen and a lower price.

The new set is the 4630HS and it is a 1080p HDTV that uses an outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin to protect from the elements and has integrated speakers. The new set sells for $4195 and is available to purchase right now. That special resin is what protects the internal TV components and hardware from rain, dirt, bugs, and the elements allowing it to live outside. The outside of the set is has a window with anti-reflective, impact resistant, and scratch resistant properties.

The integrated speakers have 20W of power and the set has both a fan and a heater to keep it operating in cold weather. The TV is good in temperatures up to 122 degrees thanks to the internal fan and the heater allows it to work down to -24 degrees. It has four HDMI inputs, component, VGA, S-video, composite and other connectivity built-in.