Sun Blackbox deliverable datacenter now for sale and shipping

Its technically been renamed to the Modular Datacenter S20 (probably because its not black) but its still the same 20ft. shipping container with a datacenter inside that was previously mentioned. With this you can literally have up to 18 teraflops of performance and a max of 3 petabytes of storage delivered to your front door.

All you have to supply is the electricity, network connections, and water. Water? What do you mean you have to supply water to your new Datacenter in a Box? That's right; it's water-cooled, so unless you want your new datacenter to melt, you have to supply water.

It holds 8 19" racks, for a grand total of 320 RU of rack storage space with depths of 30.75 inches. 7 of the 8 racks are used for server space running at full load; the remaining rack is used for network equipment and monitoring/management equipment.

That works out to about 25KW of power consumption per rack at full load, or 12.5kW at normal load. Water usage is rated at 45-65 gallons per minute, so along with buying one or more of these, you might want to have a cooling pond dug out so you can keep it cool, or you could always park this thing somewhere in Siberia.

Should you choose to buy one, you can have your choice of 27 different models of Sun servers stuffed in this thing, no word on what kind of networking or monitoring/management hardware is included, but with a base price of $559k, I'm sure you could have whatever you wanted put inside. Deployment time is as little as 22 days and they can be delivered by plane, train or automobile (semi) as they are, on the outside, standard shipping containers.

[via tomshardware]