Summer Games Done Quick 2021 full week schedule revealed

The 2021 installment of Summer Games Done Quick – an annual, week-long event in which gamers from all over the world showcase speedruns to raise money for charity – is quickly approaching. Set to take place at the beginning of July, today Games Done Quick revealed the schedule for SGDQ 2021. Previously, the organization revealed the games list for the event, but now we know the order in which these speedruns will be showcased.

We also know when, approximately, each speedrun will be happening, so if you looked through the games list back when it was published and found a few runs you were interested in watching, now you'll be able to make a note of when they're happening and set aside some time.

The schedule for SGDQ 2021 can be found over on the Games Done Quick website. The event will be starting at 11:30 AM EDT on Sunday, July 4th, and is currently slated to conclude in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 11th. While the SGDQ 2021 finale is scheduled for 1:49 AM EDT on the 11th, that's likely going to move back at least a little bit thanks to runs and set up blocks that take longer than anticipated.

In any case, there are some big runs happening this year. One run in particular that GDQ itself drew our attention to is the a GeoGuessr Perfect Score run by havrd that's going to take place on Wednesday, July 7th at 11:49 PM EDT. As always, the final day – which in this case is Saturday, July 10th – will be home to some particularly noteworthy runs, including a Super Mario 64 70 Star blindfolded run performed by Bubzia and a Bowser's Fury any% run performed by AmoebaUK. The run to close out the show will be Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, performed by ninten866.

While Games Done Quick events typically take place in person, Summer Games Done Quick 2021 will once again be held remotely, with the runners streaming from their homes. Depending on how the worldwide vaccine roll out goes, this could be the last time Games Done Quick is forced to go all online, but it's definitely too early to make that call. As always, Summer Games Done Quick 2021 will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders.