Sudokube - Sudoku + Rubik's Cube

I love Sudoku, I own about four electronic versions and keep several play books around for amusement. I'm surprised I like it so much since I hate math and numbers with a passion. For any other Sudoku lovers out there who are looking for a new twist on the game, the Sudokube maybe just the thing.

It's kind of a mix between normal Sudoku and the Rubiks Cube. You twist the cubes until each side has the numbers 1-9, just like the flat version. It comes with instructions of course and the squares are just a bit bigger than 2".

It only costs $4, and says it's for ages 5 and up. That makes me feel a little insecure I'll admit, I hope there's not many 5 year old Sudoku masters.

Sudokube Cube [via Gearfuse]