Suck UK's USB Mix Tape Kit

Why is it a kit? I don't know if that's its actual product name, but it's a USB flash drive and it comes with a retro cassette tape case and a cassette shaped container. For that extra little bit of nostalgia, there is a piece of paper to handwrite the play list onto.

Backpackers might be appreciative of the new digital upgrade, too bad there aren't any affordable players I know of that just play right off of a USB stick. Now if only DJ's could adopt this technology and start mass producing their latest mix tapes on these.

I remember the days of making cassette tape mix tapes from a combination of CD's and the radio, I was the guy who made mix tapes just to annoy people. Anyways, they are due to release in September, going by the company's name, I wonder if/when they will be available in the US.

The mix tape goes usb [via technabob]