Subaru VR-ready rally video lets you look around

Subaru has been one of the biggest names in rally racing for decades with drivers piloting Subaru WRX cars in multiple rally series around the world. Subaru has created a very cool video that is a couple steps above simply strapping a GoPro to the roof of one of its racecars and recording a normal race video.

Subaru uses some cool tech to record a leg of a rally called the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Viewers get a 360-degree view of the rally race and can look down toward the roof of the car and peer inside to see what the driver and navigator are up against.

While you can watch the video on YouTube and move around in the video using the D-pad overlaid on the video, Subaru really wants you to download the Subaru Motorsports App that is offered on Android and iOS devices.

If you happen to own a smartphone-based VR headset, you are in luck because the video is headset compatible allowing you to simply turn your head to look around in the video. The driver in the video is David Higgins and co-driver is Craig Drew. The duo won the Upper Peninsula rally giving them an undefeated season.