Subaru using Harman Kardon in their vehicles - copy cats

So Jaguar goes and picks up Bowers & Wilkins for their cars and Subaru follows suit and goes and picks up another well known non-car audio system manufacturer to do work in their car. The announcement was made yesterday at Subaru's R1e unveiling.

They are going to have HK (not Heckler-Koch) outfit their Subaru Legacy and Subaru Outback vehicles with what will likely be optional high-end audio systems. This puts Subaru on par, audio wise, with a lot of other high-end auto manufacturers such as Audi which has long been using Bose audio equipment in their vehicles.

I'm sad to see the aftermarket audio market die, but I am happy to see the pre-packaged audio systems stepped up to fill in some of the gap. Personally I think the issue is that people are seeing more and more that lots of bass and lots of noise no longer make a good sound system due to the higher quality of music that is now available, systems that can pick up and play this newer music at the quality it was recorded at or higher are becoming more and more important, and I like it, I'd rather pay 50 grand for a pair of headphones and a small headphone amp that covers from 1Hz up to 60kHz than a huge wall-covering system that only covers in the kilohertz range.

[via Jalopnik]