Sub-$100 Coby netbook coming to discount stores March 2009

Coby Electronics are promising a sub-$100 netbook in stores by March 2009.  The PoqetMate-7 and PoqetMate-9 will have 7-inch and 9-inch displays, respectively, and be based on the Chinese Loongson processor with a keyboard roughly the same size as the original Eee PC.  Both will go on sale in discount stores and drugstores such as Rite Aid Pharmacy and Kroger grocery stores, with the PoqetMate-7 retailing for $99.95.

Unsurprisingly, the netbooks will be running Linux and free, open-source software.  Coby claims the machines will be good for 90-percent of consumer applications, and have drivers for "all major brands" of accessories and peripherals.

After the initial two models, Coby will apparently deliver even smaller netbooks at lower prices.  They'll be followed by "pocket PCs with foldable screens and keyboards" that can collapse to fit into a pocket, albeit at a higher initial price.